End of Summer Home Maintenance For Your Colorado Springs Rental

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Maintenance is an important part of managing a rental property in Colorado Springs. As summer draws to a close, there are a few items to check off your list to help ensure your rental home is well maintained and ready for the fall. Start the upcoming season off on the right foot with these end of summer home maintenance tips for your Colorado Springs rental!

End of Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Check the Air Flow

Check the airflow in your rental by cleaning dust and debris from vents and ducts, fans, and dryer vents. Doing so not only helps keep air flowing through your home but helps keep your HVAC and appliances from sustaining serious damage.

Have Your Furnace Serviced

Heat is an essential part of any home. Make sure your furnace is ready to go before it starts to get cold by having it serviced by an HVAC professional. The end of summer before fall begins is a great time to have your furnace serviced to stay ahead of the game when HVAC technicians might be busier.

Check Your Chimney

One of the perks of having a fireplace is the ability to cozy up beside a nice, warm fire on colder nights. On the flip side, fireplaces require routine servicing and cleaning. Another end of summer home maintenance item property owners need to check off their lists is having the chimney cleaned and inspected for damage. This helps protect your property and your residents from smoke damage, a potential fire, or worse.

Check Your Weatherstripping

Make sure the heat stays in this fall by having your weatherstripping checked and repaired. Be sure to check around all doors and windows and repair where needed. This helps keep the hot air in and the cold air out and helps keep your resident’s energy bill down.

Clean Your Gutters

Fall comes with, you guessed it, falling leaves. These and other debris can easily clog your gutters and cause damage to your home. They also pose a further risk when water and snow cannot properly drain, leading to ice dams, leaks, and other significant damage to your property. Stay ahead of the game by having your gutters cleaned as part of your end of summer home maintenance. This not only ensures your home is ready for the coming snows but gives you a chance to find a repair other damages before they get worse.

Maintenance is a never-ending project when it comes to owning any home, investment property or not. Make sure to stay on top of the routine items to avoid potential emergencies later down the road.

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